Feel The Fear – Become an Entrepeneur

With massive spending cuts dominating the news and the prospect of unemployment statistics increasing, there are many people feeling like they are living on a precipice.  The security of the public sector and a job for life is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Until the economy picks up, the prospect  of gaining further employment is still very good, but competition will be fierce.  So what is the alternative?  Become an Entrepeneur.

Many will have held a deep-seated ambition to be their own boss, but will not have been able to give up a secure job.  Others may not have even considered it, feeling it is not for them, just for men and women in suits.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Self employment is daunting yes, it is hard work yes, but with the job market not looking promising for a few years, it may be worth giving this option serious consideration.

I have seen many people over the last 2 years, most of whom have had to go self-employed, as a result of losing a job. There were two distinct camps, one that said they had wanted to do it for so long and that redundancy gave them the kick they needed to go for it.  The other saying they were sick of getting nowhere with job applications and felt it was their last hope.

Whichever you feel is your mindset, open up to the fact that being your own boss means you get out what you put in.  If things aren’t going well, there is only you to blame, there are no politics or trying to please the boss.  If you really make a success of your enterprise, you will also never have to fear the ‘can I have a word’ phrase from your Manager, that means you may be out of work with hardly any notice at all.

There is a misconception that to be your own boss you need a significant amount  of redundancy pay.  There is no doubt that this would be a huge help, but it does not make the situation impossible if you have very little. I spend time with clients talking to them about their skills, hobbies, passions.  I help them gain confidence in themselves and they soon see that it can be done.  It may have to start very small and build up, but this is what gives the most satisfaction.  Also, if you have gone down this particular route, you work much harder to make it work.  Once you get your first few customers, it really boosts the soul and you will feel like you can fly.  There will be good times and bad, but at the end of the day – it is all yours!


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