Text Marketing

Text Marketing

In our fast changing world, we are constantly bombarded by advertising, we can’t escape.

Walk down the street and you play human pinball, as you try to dodge the young people hired by charities to mug your conscience and hope you sign up to their monthly donation schemes. You get past them and then the shop windows scream out at you with offers, discounts, external displays.

Your in box is full of spam, your letter box is full of fliers and your favourite magazine contains the occassional article amongst the ads!

So as a business where do you choose to advertise? How can you target your own market? It can be done without becoming a nuisance.

Are you a restaurant, garage, hair salon, doctor, dentist, school, beauty salon, solicitor, accountant, financial adviser? If so then SMS marketing could be a godsend.

This method of communication is often overlooked. It is far more cost effective than snail mail, is quicker than email and also enables your customers to respond instantly to tempting offers, thus capitalising on those who are impulsive purchasers!

Text marketing can assist with:

– Guarding against missed appointments by issuing reminders
– Sending out a special offer at short notice to fill empty spaces in bookings
– Issue reminders of regular needs such as services, MOTs, hair appointments
– Including your URL to your website can help drive traffic

If you have been keeping a database of your customers and their buying habits then this should be easy to implement. You aren’t causing inconvenience, as you already have a relationship with them, so they will feel touched that you have remembered that their MOT is due, or their boiler needs servicing and you are solving a problem.

If you are unduly worried about this, issuing the ‘free’ and ‘stop’ commands reassures people that the message has cost them nothing and that they can opt out.


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