Why Do You Need Social Media?

Why Do You Need Social Media? 

What is social media?  Mainly Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, You Tube, Tumblr, blogsites, The list grows by the day.

So how does the small business, already struggling for time, even begin to think about adding more work to their weekly schedule?  Well, it’s free to a point, it’s effective and once you build it into your routine, it can help you really focus on your business.

Your website – no doubt you love your website.  You spent time and money perfecting it, once it went live you glowed with pride, your business had finally come to life, now let them come….. except they don’t.  This is why you need social media.

Your website, unless you are e-commerce (selling via your site) is going to be a static entity.  How many others have you seen, that once built, the content rarely changes?  You can pay for experts to boost your search engine optimisation, you can purchase Google Adwords, but refreshing content within the site is vital, as is driving traffic to your site from other sites.  It is also the best way to raise the awareness of your business online.

Sitting and waiting for the masses to find you means you will wait a long time for your business to take off and more than likely you will have given up too early.  Hopefully after reading previous blog posts, you will be actively promoting yourself through networking, events and demos.  But if this is backed up by a strong online presence as well, you and your brand will become established more quickly and also remain in the consciousness of those you wish to do business with.

As outlined earlier, it can be overwhelming and it does take time to understand how it can be used and which platform is going to be of benefit to your business.  Don’t worry, take it one step at a time.  Learn each one individually and once you have mastered it, move on to another.

Using these vehicles helps pull people into your business, signposts them to your website and also gives them an opportunity to build relationships with you.  If you need to carry out any market research, using social media is quick and inexpensive.

I am always in favour of the balanced marketing diet, blog to follow on this, so use your social media as part of your overall strategy

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