Podcasting – Why it Should be Considered

Podcasting – why aren’t you doing it?

There are so many different channels that can be used to get your marketing messages out there.

If you have ever worked in education, you will know about learning styles.  Individually we all take in and retain information in different ways.  The three main learning styles are auditory, visual and kinaesthetic.  This means that some people learn through visualisation, some learn through listening and others learn by taking a hands on approach.

The same goes for marketing, how well your message will be retained by your target market depends on their learning style.  Most marketing will be visual, as it is print or web based.  The best marketing will be the kinaesthetic, because by giving your prospects an opporutnity to interact with your product or service, it helps them contextualise it quicker and remember you more easily.  This leaves auditory and this is where podcasting is excellent.

You need to utilise as many different channels as you can to ensure that you reach your whole market.  Podcasting helps target those who are more intereactive with technology but who are auditory learners.

I personally went through an intense period of self taught photography.  Podcasts were brilliant.  I gained lots of useful tips, it helped me consolidate some facts that I struggled to grasp from books and even better, filled four boring hours of driving to Scotland on several occassions.

You will be able to find a local studio who would hire out their services for a modest fee to get you going.

Here is the link on how to get your Podcast on iTunes:


If you live in the North West of England, there is an excellent studio that only charges £25/hr which reduces the more hours you book: http://www.sleeplessstudiosl1.co.uk

Podcasting will also help raise your brand and differentiate you from competitors.  Once it grows in popularity you will then be able to attract advertisers and sponsors.  So what are you waiting for? Get recording.



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