Could Your Business Do Better?

Could Your Business Do Better?

Do you bumble along quite nicely thank you?.  You have regular clients and a healthy trickle of new ones in the pipeline so you don’t really worry about where future business is coming from.  Your website generates some enquiries as well.  Presumably this is the status quo without an ongoing marketing strategy because the old one still works.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  True.  However complacency is very dangerous in business.  Your existing clients may fancy a change or new enquiries may dry up.  The reality of the current economy is that many people are having to go self employed with so few jobs available.  This brings new blood into your market, who may be more competetive and more agressive in their promotion.

So if you are doing well doing very little, just think how much better it could be by shifting up a gear?  Is there something you haven’t tried?  Would it be worth doing?  Probably as long as it reaches your demographic.  Do you get out and talk to people much?  Or do you sit in the office waiting for the phone to ring?  Do you have regular free offers, demos or discounts?

How old is your brand?  Is it looking dated?  Does it still accurately represent you and your business?  Refreshing your logo every ten years or so makes perfect sense and also breathes new life into you.

How about your literature – brochures, website?  Are they up to date, does the content change?

Are you on Google Maps?  Not too critical if you are mobile but if you have premises then it is vital.

What about a database?  I am astounded by how many long established businesses are not making this the core of their marketing, it saves so much time and money if used correctly. (Blog on this to follow).

You get the idea.  If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you always got.  So, even though it may be a bit early, make it your New Year’s resolution to be bold in your marketing activity in 2012.  Who knows it may make you even more successful.

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