How is Your Business Different?

How is Your Business Different?

Unique Selling Point, Differentiation – you may have heard these terms time and again, BUT do you put it into practice in your business?

It can be difficult to take a step back from your daily routine and look objectively at what you do.  But as more people turn to self employment and competition becomes fiercer, setting yourself apart in some way is important.

You may have a unique feature as part of your product that no-one else has.  You may offer a very specialised service that enables your business to compete effectively.  For most of us though, trying to be different can be extremely challenging, particularly if you are not operating in a niche area.

Take some time out to look at the range of products or services you have, anlayse your competitors, do they also offer these or have you something a little bit quirky?  Sometimes the way you sell your products or services can be different.  Removing barriers for your customers, simplifying prices and taking  what you offer on the road are all techniques you can employ

I recently spoke with an accountant who has acquired some clever software that will enable his practice to keep their costs low and also benefit their clients, so this is an example of how he can use this as a targetted marketing campaign.

Segmenting your market and carrying out campaigns around each one, rather than the whole demographic, is much more cost effective and relevant to less people but has a higher chance of conversion.  Therefore your annual campaigns should be reaching a different portion at various times throughout the year.  This keeps your message fresh, potential customers are more likely to take notice of what you do and become more engaged with your brand.  This approach means that you are differentiating yourself to different propsects at different points in time.

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