14 Potential New Year’s Business Resolutions

  1. Set up and maintain a database
  2. Refuse to take your customers for granted
  3. Carry out market research through customer feedback
  4. Think of a new product or service you can introduce into your portfolio
  5. Put aside half a day a week to manage your business – marketing, book-keeping etc
  6. Develop a loyalty programme
  7. Initiate closer links with local complementary businesses so you can promote each other
  8. Embrace Blogging
  9. Start networking more
  10. Carry out an audit, what is selling, what is not selling, are your costs as lean as they could be, have you increased prices over the last couple of years, how is your turnover compared to previous years?
  11. Consider using video on your website and on youtube
  12. Take up podcasting
  13. Turn your resources into ebooks
  14. Put on an event

Doing things slightly differently or trying new things breathes life back into your business and reinvigorates your enthusiasm for what you do.

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2012 from Kingfisher Marketing –

What is our New Year’s Resolution? – to go live with our website!