Lets Not Talk Business

Today’s Blog finds me in a philosophical mood

I have met many people this week and spent quite a lot of time with them at each meeting.  Getting to know people is what I enjoy the most about my working life.  Ordinary people, who have such interesting stories to tell.  I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t suffered in some way.  One client in particular left an impression on me, every day to her is an uphill battle, but she gets on with it and works tirelessly to help others.  I am sure she has days where she screams, cries, thinks “Why me?” But we don’t get to see that.

Yet as humans we have a tendency to be judgemental.  Three times this subject has come up today.  One was a saying on Facebook, the other two were stories from two women who reported similar experiences of being treated like dirt because they were being judged, both by the same government organisation, which over time had eroded their self worth and confidence.

Remember if someone you have encountered recently has been ‘off’ with you, or the next time you catch yourself making a snap judgement, we are all human, most of us are decent and hard working, supporting each other is much more beneficial for the soul than putting people down in your thoughts.  It is easy to look at someone who is homeless for example and believe that they are a bad person.  I was told several stories today about young people, in particular a young boy, who had been thrown onto the streets by his family and had to live rough for two years at the age of fourteen.  He had not done anything wrong, I won’t go into details but he has worked hard to get a job, get a flat and wears a suit.  Just because he had to endure the worst of circumstances does not make him worthy of derision.

As you get less hung up about everyone else, you get less insecure about yourself and the resulting sense of liberation means you can focus on living your life, enjoying the challenges, celebrating successes and learning from the mistakes.  That is what makes you interesting and gives you a story to tell, which makes you INSPIRING.



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