Friday the 13th Unlucky for You?

If you are superstitious, today will see you paying extra attention to what you do for fear of attracting bad luck.

But what is luck?  Do you truly believe that luck happens to you, that you are in the right place at the right time by pure chance?  Maybe you believe in fate, that something ‘told’ you to act in a certain way and you call this luck.

This sort of philosophy is always very subjective.  For me it depends on your starting point.

If you were born into a priviledged lifestyle and were brought up with the finer things in life, money, love, support, then it takes more to please you.  Good things will happen to you and you won’t always appreciate them.  Something slightly negative happens and it could really upset you and you may call it bad luck.  The same negative thing could happen to someone else, who had not necessarily had experienced much good fortune and to them it could be seen as a positive, or not that much of a setback

So to understand how you perceive opportunities that present themselves to you depends on which perspective you are looking from.  When bad things happen to me, I never consider it bad luck, but something that was meant to teach me a lesson and I always, where possible try to pull a positive from it if I can.  Call it survival or an optimistic outlook.

Optimism and pessimism plays a part.  If you always see the negative side you will naturally feel unlucky, if you always look on the bright side, you will always feel lucky

I firmly believe you create your own luck.  Yes something may happen ‘to’ you which you deem fortunate, but you will have played a part somewhere.  You win the lottery – you had to buy a ticket.  You get headhunted for a fantastic job, you worked hard and got noticed.  You secure a business deal, you had to convince someone you were right for the job.

Undoubtedly we all know some people who seem to breeze through life, hardly trying and our perception is that things just fall into their lap, but these are the individuals who live on the edge, take risks and trust their instincts.  Something many of us are afraid to do

Similarly with bad luck, we also play a role, by not doing something, accepting the status quo and avoiding risk.

So next time you find yourself bemoaning your ‘bad luck’.  Think where you started from, is there something positive in the middle of it?  And – what part did you play in it?



2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th Unlucky for You?

  1. Isi Dixon

    I agree. Luck is what we make of it. And as it happens, Friday, 13th has always been good to me. I scored my first ever point in basketball on a Friday the 13th and ever since then I’ve decided it’s my lucky day. 🙂

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