The Road to Wembley

Nothing much is happening in the North West of England today.  A few horses are running at Aintree and a few blokes are travelling to London to kick a ball around.


Anyone who is close to Merseyside knows that sport is a religion.  You can’t help but want to get involved in the camaraderie, the atmosphere and the banter that preceeds a competetive event.

The momenutm is building.  Everton take on Liverpool in the FA Cup semi final, I personally hate it, but the Grand National will stop the Nation at 3pm.  In a few weeks we will be watching the European football tournament, with high hopes (probably that will be dashed within 14 days) closely followed by the Olympics.

Why is sport so revered?  What is it about us that dedicates such energy, passion and money to following these pursuits?

We are primitive beings at heart, we like to compete, or rather don’t want to take the risk of competing ourselves, so love to get behind those that do.

This is wonderful for the economy and the sports people concerned.  Rarely do we turn that passion to ourselves.  Do we work day in day out to perfect our game?  Do we strive to continually improve even when we are performing well?  Do we make sacrifices to be top of our game?  We don’t really, that is why we are inspired by those that do.

But for those of us in self employment, maybe we should adopt our own Olympia, build our own arena and always aim high.  It would be one way to improve our economy and take action in spite of what governments take away from us and enjoy that rare feeling, self belief.

I feel that there is something special about our region.  Most of the premiership teams are from the North West, many of our great musicians are from Liverpool and Manchester and we have produced fine sportsmen, artists and authors.  We are also very entrepreneurial.

Best of all, we never take ourselves too seriously

Enjoy today, whether you are going to Aintree or Wembley and be proud of your roots.



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