10 things to amuse adults on rainy days

Sunny Blackpool

I have not blogged for a few weeks for two reasons I have been really busy – plus I was waiting for my website before carrying on with the routine. BUT

I have just been on Twitter and all I have heard all week are complaints about the weather, we are British for heaven’s sake, why does it still shock us that the heating is still on in June.

Coupled with that, it has been the school holidays and there is always that dilemma – how do you keep the kids entertained when it’s raining? Er the same as you would when it is sunny but with a coat!! I have given up drying my hair this week and let it go au naturel a la Monica in the humidity!

It seems to me it’s the adults that need some inspiration as to how to keep themselves amused so here goes…..

  1. You know when you complain you never have time to complete your to do list……. now would be that time
  2. Have you got 3 unread books by the side of your bed?   Read them
  3. Did you get around to your spring cleaning?  Have a tidy out, clean those cupboards
  4. Have you refused to embrace Twitter, Facebook or Linked In through lack of time…. set up your account, warning can become addictive and waste hours in the future
  5. Switch off the TV (it’s only sport for the next 3 months) and learn something new, everyone I speak to wants to try something different or learn a new skill but ‘never have the opportunity
  6. Start writing your book – most people I know have a story to tell
  7. Do your admin – there is always some admin to do or paperwork to shred
  8. Talk to your family – TV off have a good old fashioned heated debate – that is not about England’s chances in the Euros.  Suggested topics, UFOs, ghosts, politics, the Royal Family
  9. Book onto Alan’s photography workshops
  10. Make mid year’s resolutions

Who knows, when the book you wrote sells out or the debate you had with your kids inspired them to think differently or grow up a bit more, or when your brand takes off in 6 months because you understand Twitter – will you be so resentful of the Great British weather!!

As for me – what an opporutnity to finally write all my own Copy now I have done everyone elses!



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