Marketing Content

Marketing Content Management

In the world of business, communication is always at the heart of what we do.  However, it is a challenge to take a step back and truly analyse how you communicate, what you say, what channels you use.

In the last few years, the explosion of possibilities presented by online communities has only added to the frustrations.  For many medium sized enterprises, employing a full time marketing strategist is not something that is budgeted for.

I believe in keeping marketing strategies simple, examining your organisation and industry and gauging what works and what won’t.  A marketing plan can be devised with a healthy mix of online and offline marketing that can be managed without eating into valuable operations time.  Or it could even be outsourced to freelancers at a competitive cost.

Let Kingfisher Marketing take away the stress of trying to cram marketing and communications in amongst all the other tasks vying for attention; and be assured that you will be able to continue to communicate with your clients to keep relationships strong

Kingfisher Marketing also specialises in writing content, so should you require articles, blogs, web copy, newsletters then look no further.

Please contact me for further information

Telephone:  07582 204145

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