The Creative Approach


Welcome to Kingfisher Marketing and thank you for visiting my blog site.

So that you are confident you have come to the right place for support, I would just like to explain why I take a creative approach to supporting businesses in the North West of England.

Firstly, the obvious, it is where I live.  Secondly, outside of London, the North West is the most rapidly growing region economically and the number of people starting and running businesses here has increased sharply in recent years

During the last decade, I have been fortunate enough to run businesses, continue to develop my knowledge, run workshops and support entrepreneurs with either start-up guidance or for those more established, provide marketing services.

As I became more familiar with how different every company is and how needs can vary, I watched helplessly as yet another set of eyes glazed over when presented with a business plan or any other form of paperwork with lots of text and tables!  I started to think about this more deeply.

A large percentage of the clients that I work with are creative, they either work in media or the arts, are artists, writers, musicians, sports people, engineers, photographers, gardeners, builders….. the list is endless.   From my teaching experience I am aware that there are different learning styles and therefore, I have to adapt my approach to individuals and how they absorb information.

So if I am mainly working with creative people, they will have a very visual and kinesthetic learning style, so this means that I should match this to how I present to them.  As an experiment, I devised a visual business plan and tested it on a couple of clients.  To say the response was one of delight is an understatement!  “Phew!” was the main retort as was, “Oh yeah I can do that, that makes so much more sense to me now!”

So to an extent – gone are the boring templates and the clichés and mantras that I sometimes slipped into.  In come the mind maps and marker pens and lots of inspiring discussions!

This stands for both my start-up clients and those seeking marketing services.  I do not believe in blinding people with jargon.  It is important to me that customers understand marketing and how, when used well, the business will flourish, before making any major spending decisions.

But not to sound too flippant, I cater for all learning styles and for the traditional businesses that do require a more formal approach, I am happy to oblige.  After all, the end goal is still to produce focused and relevant content, whether it is a marketing strategy or a business plan, particularly if you are applying for funding.

The main difference will be that everyone will take their individual path to get there!

For business support please contact me for more information

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